Vintage Tools that Are Making a Comeback

Visit any garden center these days and you will see a huge array of bright, colorful tools for sale. While there certainly are benefits to having new equipment, these cheaper by the dozen, throwaway tools are losing popularity for some green fingered folks who appreciate the feel of a handcrafted, quality tool. Restored vintage tools and equipment are making a comeback. This is great news for anyone looking for gardening tools that will last a lifetime!


This traditional tool hasn’t seen much use in recent years, but this is slowly beginning to change. For those who are getting into gardening as a relaxing experience, and not a chore to rush through, scything, rather than mowing, the grass is a great new skill to learn. Traditionally, scythes were used to cut long grasses to make straw and harvesting crops. Organic, eco-friendly farmsteads are breathing life back into this old practice. Lovingly crafted from hardy wood with a metal blade, these tools take some getting used to. Once the scythe dance is learnt, however, enjoy peaceful mowing while doing some light exercise, too!

Axes & Hatchets

There’s nothing like the feel of well worn, high quality hickory in your hand when splitting logs. Somehow the modern rubber grips just don’t cut it (no pun intended). Whether splitting logs or chopping down a tree, a high quality, old fashioned ax or hatchet feels just right.


While it’s quick and easy to use a power tool to trim your hedges, many people are returning to more old fashioned methods. With care and attention, beautiful old shears will outlast you. Fantastic turned beech wood handles, worn smooth by years of use are sure to feel great in the hand. The solid blades scream quality and are easily adjusted with a chunky wingnut. You’re bound to have more control over your hedge when cutting by hand. Perhaps you can even learn topiary!

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