Unusual Garden Tools and What They Do

Newcomers to gardening can be forgiven for getting lost among the hundreds of weird and wonderful tools and equipment on offer. Strange names and designs can often puzzle and bewilder even experienced gardeners. Here’s a list of some useful, but unusual tools.


As you can imagine, the head of this tool is curved to resemble the head of a poised cobra. This multipurpose weeding tool enjoys high praise among gardeners for its ability to effectively remove even the most stubborn weeds with minimal effort. Aside from weeding, it’s a great tool for digging shallow rows when seeding.

Aerator Sandal

Think golf shoes, but with huge spikes. These handy sandals strap on to fit any foot size and make aerating the lawn a stroll in the park. Simply walk around your lawn with these on to puncture compact soil, allowing air, rain and fertilizer to reach the foundation. They can be worn while you go about your usual gardening tasks such as weeding or pruning, allowing you to aerate effortlessly.

Hori Hori

Also known as a soil knife, this is a wonder tool of many uses. They range from eleven to fifteen inches in length and are not dissimilar in appearance to a miniature viking short sword. Both sides of the solid metal blade are sharp, with one being serrated, leading to a sharp point at the end. Originating from Japan, this knife performs many functions, including weeding, digging, cutting, sawing and can even be used as a small hatchet. It’s particularly good at cutting through hard soil and tough weeds.

Compost Tumbler

Compost is an essential ingredient to any successful garden, making the most of your waste and turning it into something useful your garden will love. A tumbler is able to reduce the time it takes to break down fully and be ready for use in your garden. Being contained, your compost is safe from bugs and animals and kept nicely out the way.

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