Staying Safe in the Garden

24Gardening can be a very relaxing hobby and one that is considered by most to be relatively safe. There are, however, several dangers that can present themselves. Wearing protective gear is highly recommended at all times.


A good, sturdy pair of boots is a good idea if you’re working with a spade, shovel or any type of power tool. Gardening, especially around blades, in flip flops is certainly a short cut to the emergency room!


Spending hours in the sunshine is wonderful, but too much of a good thing can be devastating. Even if the sun isn’t shining directly on you, it’s worth applying UV protection, especially if you’re spending hours at a time in the garden. Be particularly cautious during the middle of the day.


Another aid against the sun, a wide brimmed or capped hat will keep the sun out of your eyes and the harmful rays of your face. A straw hat is great in hot weathers as it encourages air flow.


apple-soft-1-web_0A thick pair of gloves are essential when working with plants such as roses or poison ivy or even when weeding plants such as nettles. Wearing them will protect you from cuts and potential rashes no matter what you’re working with. They can also help prevent blisters when working with a shovel or fork for a long time. A good pair of gloves will also help prevent insect bites and stings on your hands.

Shirt and Pants

Long sleeves are recommended for long periods of gardening work. They offer protection from insect bits and stings as well as scratches from branches and thorns. Wear a breathable material in warm weather, especially if you’re digging or any other strenuous tasks.

Insect Repellent

While it’s not always necessary, some areas are more prone to bug infestations than others. Mosquito repellent should be worn in the relevant areas, for your own comfort and safety.

Safety Goggles and Ear Defenders

For any work with power tools, it’s wise to wear the suitable PPE.

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