Organizing Your Tool Shed

If you are married, you know that after a weekend, your tool shed often looks like there’s been a tornado. Some tools are stacked in the corner, hopefully with the smallest ones on top and it is nigh impossible to get in because of the heavier equipment that has been placed on the floor just inside the door. 

Partners are lovely, and we love having one. But they are not always as good as you at keeping things in order and putting them back where they took them. In all fairness, sometimes this is because it is not obvious where they should go. 

This is a common problem, all over the world. But there is an easy solution to it! Organize your tool shed. 

But it Is Not Building…?

Nope, it isn’t. But think of it as creation of order, and you’ll know what to do! If your tool shed does not already have lots of shelves, go buy loads and put them up on the walls. Cupboards are ok as well, but not really needed most of the time. And don’t forget to buy a sturdy stool if needed for reaching the top shelf. If your partner is not as tall as you this is nice gesture (and saves you some “please could you take down the…” moments).

Then print your own stickers and label each and every spot. That way both you and your partner will know where to put all the tools when they are not used. If needed, also label the actual tool, so you both know what is what.