Gas or Battery Power Tools?

For many years, gas powered tools were the only viable option for larger gardens and woodlands. However, with the introduction of cordless, battery powered tools, the competition is heating up. Modern power tools have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, with innovative designs from both the gas and the battery camps.

Gas Powered Tools

Gas powered tools are generally louder and pump exhaust fumes out into the atmosphere, which make them less popular with go green campaigners. On the other hand, they’re typically more powerful than electric tools. They’re also easier to maintain and with proper care and attention they can last for years. You need only know how to change a spark plug and filters to keep them in top shape. If something goes wrong, it’s normally fairly simple to work out what the problem is and nine times out of ten you’ll be able to repair it yourself.

While older models were heavy and cumbersome, modern designs are more light weight and manageable, though perhaps not as light as electric models. Starting a gas powered tool can take time, with warming up and oiling, whereas an electric tool is good to go instantly. Finally, gas powered tools are normally a little cheaper than their electric counterparts. However, the additional cost of fuel and oil should be factored in.

The best gas tools are lawn mowers and leaf blowers.

Battery Powered Tools

For ease of use and convenience, battery powered tools win hands down. With the battery charged, it’s a simple matter of pressing the button or pulling the trigger and you can get to work. They’re typically easier and lighter to handle and don’t produce fumes. Often far more quiet than gas alternatives, they’re a popular choice in more built up areas. They can be a little more expensive initially, but without having to buy fuel or oil, they’re a good long term investment. They do however lack some of the power of some gas tools and suffer shorter running times.

The best battery tools are usually hedge and/or string trimmers.

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