Garden tips for newbies

If you just bought a house with a garden and want to get started it can be daunting! How do you even start? A great first step is to get to know your garden really well. Where is it facing? Once you’ve established how the sun travels across your garden throughout the days and the seasons, you will be able to decide what to grow where, and when, and how! Then you will benefit greatly from knowing what soil you have in your garden. Do a soil test to see whether the soil is acidic or alkaline and from there you can choose your plants, bushes, flowers, and trees accordingly. There are many guides out there that will show you how to test the pH level in your soil.

Once you’ve established the essentials you can start your planning. This is a fun and challenging exercise that can be very creative and rewarding. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help or hire a professional for some input. You don’t need to keep anything that you don’t want to keep, so don’t be afraid to make radical changes and remove bushes or plants that don’t fit into your overall plan. With a combination of structure, color, and functionality, you can create a balance that stands the test of time. Make it easier to organise and plan with your own stickers and labels, using the label sticker maker online. They offer free shipping and free samples, with express delivery in four days.