Five Tools for a Happy Lawn

Thinking about getting the garden into shape? Is that tangled mess outside getting out of control and you need to do something about it? If you’re new to gardening it can be difficult to know what tools you’ll need to create a beautiful lawn. Here are five essentials!


The number one in useful gardening tools has got to be a lawnmower. Cut that mess outside down to a nice, uniform length and your garden will instantly look better. There are a great many different types available, from traditional hand powered models, to gas powered, ride on mowers that are great for large spaces. It really depends on the type of garden you have as to which you go for.

String Trimmer

Once the lawn is tamed, go over the edges with a string trimmer. This will put the finishing touches on any lawn. They can become hard work and heavy after a while, so it’s worth in investing in one with a harness. The additional support will certainly make things easier.

Hedge Trimmer

Cut your unruly bushes down to size with a hedge trimmer. While it may look a bit like a chainsaw, they’re much easier and safer to use, though care should always be taken. Gas powered models can become a little heavy and cumbersome. While electric ones are lighter, beware of cutting through the cable.


Essential in some parts of the country where summers are hot and dry, a hose is a key part of maintaining your lawn. Be sure to get one that is long enough to cover your lawn. Hose reel carts are useful and help keep things tidy.


The rake is simple, cheap and very useful. Its main use is for removing dead weeds, grass and moss from your lawn. If this material is allowed to build up, it can block the sunlight and moisture to your healthy lawn, effectively suffocating it. Use a hand rake to clear the debris regularly and remember to let it help you remove leaves during the fall.

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