Do You Lend Your Tools?

Ah, the big question for all tool owners. We’ve all had the question “Could I borrow your… “, and stood there, not knowing what to answer. Because, truth be told, we don’t want to lend our tools to just anybody. But at the same time, we want to be good friends and neighbours. Right? Right.

So, how to handle the situation? You want to be regarded as a nice fellow, but you also love your tools and spend a lot of time keeping them in tip top shape. Lending them to someone will likely mean getting them back in a worse condition.

Make a Policy

This may sound a bit silly, but thinking about the issue in advance makes it easier to handle it when it occurs. You’ll know what to say and whether or not you will actually lend your tools.

If you lend your tools, order customizable stickers to label them so everybody knows who they belong to.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Yes or No

There are other ways to solve the situation. For example, you could lend machines, like a chainsaw, but have the borrower buy their own expendables (fuel and their own chain).

Another answer is to offer to help with whatever the borrower will do. That way, you’ll be even more popular while still being able to use your tools the proper way. It may take some time, but it will also put you up for the “best friend” or the “best neighbour” award.