Chainsaw Checks That Can Save You Money

Anyone that owns a chainsaw knows what a valuable, time saving piece of equipment it really is.

The power it exhibits as it cuts through log after log is impressive to say the least. But neglecting to care for this wonderful bit of kit can lead to damage and expensive bills from the repair shop. With just a few periodic checks and some basic maintenance, you can dramatically increase the life of your chainsaw and slash the odds of malfunction.

Signs to Be Wary of

It’s good practice to perform checks and maintenance before something goes wrong. At the same time it’s worth learning to read into typical problems a bit more to understand what is up with your chainsaw.

  • Difficulty starting your chainsaw can be down to a number of reasons, such as a faulty spark plug or poor fuel.
  • Loss of power suggests that the insides need a clean. Pay attention to the air filter and the exhaust chamber.
  • If you’re really struggling to get through the logs, more often than not it’s time to sharpen the teeth!


Most problems result from a lack of thorough cleaning, especially when the chainsaw is kept in storage for several months.

  • Always drain the carburetor and the fuel tank before extended periods of storage.
  • Remove, clean and oil the chain and guide bar.
  • Clean the air filter and cooling fins.
  • Wash any built up dust from the tool, paying close attention to the exhaust chamber.
  • Remove and clean the spark plug with oil and a wire brush.
  • Store in a dry, dust free environment.


Don’t skimp on oil and your saw will thank you for it. Get into the habit of filling the reservoir each time you use the machine to ensure it doesn’t run out of lubrication while cutting.

Teeth and Chain

Invest in a pair of files and follow the user guide to sharpen the teeth regularly. With a bit of practice this job can be done in 20 minutes and will save you buying a new chain every time the teeth are blunt!

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