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Organizing Your Tool Shed

If you are married, you know that after a weekend, your tool shed often looks like there’s been a tornado. Some tools are stacked in the corner, hopefully with the smallest ones on top and it is nigh impossible to

Five Tools for a Happy Lawn

Thinking about getting the garden into shape? Is that tangled mess outside getting out of control and you need to do something about it? If you’re new to gardening it can be difficult to know what tools you’ll need to

Vintage Tools that Are Making a Comeback

Visit any garden center these days and you will see a huge array of bright, colorful tools for sale. While there certainly are benefits to having new equipment, these cheaper by the dozen, throwaway tools are losing popularity for some

Building a Garden Tools Shed

Keeping your tools in a dry environment is paramount to their survival. With that in mind, building a tools shed is a great project. It’s easy to do, and it can be completed in a day or two. There are

Gas or Battery Power Tools?

For many years, gas powered tools were the only viable option for larger gardens and woodlands. However, with the introduction of cordless, battery powered tools, the competition is heating up. Modern power tools have come on in leaps and bounds

Unusual Garden Tools and What They Do

Newcomers to gardening can be forgiven for getting lost among the hundreds of weird and wonderful tools and equipment on offer. Strange names and designs can often puzzle and bewilder even experienced gardeners. Here’s a list of some useful, but