Building a Garden Tools Shed

Keeping your tools in a dry environment is paramount to their survival. With that in mind, building a tools shed is a great project. It’s easy to do, and it can be completed in a day or two. There are several styles, from simple cabinets to chicken coop and shed combos. A simple but effective design is a classic lean to frame, covered with paneled walls. Shelves can be incorporated into the structure to house smaller tools or other equipment.

What You Will Need

For this project you will require the following materials. Measurements will vary depending on how big you wish to make the shed.

  • 2×4 for the main frame work.
  • 1×2 for the door frame.
  • 2×6 for the front header.
  • 1×3 for the doors.
  • Plywood sheet for floor.
  • Tongue and groove boards (cedar) for the walls, door and roof.
  • Heavy duty hinges.

Putting it Together

This is a fairly easy shed to put together, but it requires basic woodworking skills and tools.

  • 1) Create the two side frames, ensuring that the top is angled and that they are exactly the same size. Use 2×4 and nail together, remembering to put in a middle rail for additional support. Only a shallow angle is required, around 20 degrees should be adequate.
  • 2) Join the two frames together at the top and bottom, front and back using 2×4. Once nailed together, the frame should stand freely. Nail 1×2 around the door frame and 2×6 along the top on the front side.
  • 3) Cut the plywood to size and nail onto the bottom of the frame to create the floor.
  • 4) Cut and nail the boards to three sides to create the walls, and on top to create the roof. Leave an overhang of a couple of inches.
  • 5) Cut boards to make the door, with the height sitting under the header. Attach three 1×3 strips on the back to hold them together, and frame the front with 1×3.
  • 6) Attach the door to the frame with hinges.

You can substitute the boards for plywood for a more affordable option.

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